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Constantine The Artist x Don’t Tell Mama Coffee bar In the midst of the pandemic, it's now more important than ever to support your local… whether it’s a local artist or coffee shop, why not do them both at the same time? The collaboration is a perfect representation of how we are supporting one another during these gruelling times. Constantine believes that collaboration with local businesses is a great way to make art accessible to new audiences. Who doesn’t love a free art exhibition? 'The Profile of Love' exhibit is currently been shown at the Edinburgh local coffee bar. The striking portraits look at how figures engage in love. Each painting represents different couple's love stories, whilst portraying the phases of love people go through. Constantine wants to depict that "everything is a relationship', from the types of relationships to the happiness and "rainbows" they portray.

The Magic Moment, Constantine, 2020.

The project was inspired during the first national lockdown, in early March 2020 - everyone was distanced, Constantine wanted his paintings to do the opposite - he wanted visual means to connect people. Gradually the project took a different turn and focused primarily on the different phases of loving relationships. The vibrant works of art have an intriguing nature with connotations of Picasso's portraiture pieces - in particular his painting Jacqueline with flowers. When developing the series, Constantine created his own fiction with these characters - in the style of the 50s with their "greasy" hairstyles and outfits.

Jacqueline with Flowers, Pablo Picasso, 1954.

The Young Lovers, Constantine, 2020.

Profiles are a common theme within Constantine's work, in his previous project Jazz Mafia, he curates a series of gangster-like characters, each of which tells a story. To build these profiles Constantine submerses himself into the culture he is representing - for Jazz Mafia, in particular, he listened to jazz music, dressed up in a similar style and lived like the characters, which is a fantastic way to create work. The story-telling element to his work is evident and gets creativity flowing - as the viewer, you imagine scenarios with the figures Constantine has illustrated.

Adao -Jazz Mafia, Constantine.

The pandemic hasn’t had any limitation on Constantine producing work - which is fantastic, his passion to create great work is evident in his multiple exhibitions - the perseverance is inspiring. It will be wonderful to see more of his work spread across the city and beyond! The feedback Constantine got from his recent Profile of Love exhibition was outstanding, people are continuing to support through posting on social media which is wonderful - keep it going, everyone!

This is Love, Constantine, 2020. So why not head to Don't Tell Mama? I can tell you the coffee is superb - it's my personal favourite in the city! The friendly coffee bar holds a contemporary atmosphere with great décor, not only can you grab a delicious drink and sweet-baked goods, but they also sell a series of dried goods to take on your way! Make sure you check out Constantine's upcoming exhibition from February 1st in collaboration with Detour Espresso. The new series of work titled myth and orb mythology looks at Villain and Hero profiles within Greek mythology - the characters "represent something and have something to tell us". It will be great to see his next exhibition! For more art follow @constantine_artist on Instagram and check out his website for prints

For more coffee head over to @donttellmamacoffeebar on Instagram and check out their in-store playlist on Spotify under 'Don't Tell Mama Coffee Bar Playlist'

Don't Tell Mama now have limited edition disposable coffee cups with Constantines art work on - how great are they?!



Linkedin: Helloartuk

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