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Making Art Sustainable And Charitable

Make art a better place with sustainable and charitable art - Edinburgh local artist is setting the bar with her incredible work.

Using sustainable paper and packaging, Madison Taylor Sacramone creates intricate watercolour designs of iconic architecture around Edinburgh, Scotland. Her campaign Draw Edinburgh To Help Edinburgh, aims to elevate the homeless crisis by donating 50% of proceeds from any of her print sales. You can buy her prints here.

Madison Taylor Sacramone, Dean Village: Draw Edinburgh To Help Edinburgh.

The arts have the ability to deepen human connection and environmental wellbeing - "art and design has the power to change the world" - using her talent to make a lasting impact, Madison creates an awareness of how we can all step up and help those around us to do good in the world.

Madison Taylor Sacramone, Calton Hill: Draw Edinburgh To Help Edinburgh.

Madison has an impressive portfolio of sustainable projects, make sure to check out her website here.

Make sure to head to streetwork for ways you can help the homeless crisis!

For more inspiration take a look at these incredible art initiatives.

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