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About Us

HelloArt is a bilingual (Mandarin/English) art platform for locals and students in the UK, providing them with insights and guides for local art events. HelloArt aims to bring together both eastern and western influences to stimulate the cultural communication between two diverse worlds. ⁠

We create opportunities for young artists to share and sell their works to clients in both the UK and China.

If you are interested in featuring on our feed, feel free to  submit your work via DM or email. Please attach a brief introduction of yourself; a description of your work and practice; and your IG account if you want to be tagged.


For contributions & submission:

We look forward to your works/ proposals/ practice :)

Our team

HelloArt is a multitasking team with various people. The team is composed of six people: two founders and four volunteers.


The link between us? Our passion for art.

We all believe that art has an important place inside the world. Being part of Hello Art Uk is a great experience, we have a wonderful team that can help an artist find the best online platform to showcase their artwork. Hello Art is also a link between two different cultures. This is one of the main goals for Hello Art UK. Art doesn't have any boundaries.

You can find below a presentation of our team with our position, inspirations and objectives. 

We all have different backgrounds, goals and for some of us, countries. This is why we are so complementary. 

You can also find more information about us on our social media. 


Let's meet each others with a smile ! 

Jaune Noir et Blanc Photo Simple Photo C
Jaune Noir et Blanc Photo Simple Photo C
Jaune Noir et Blanc Photo Simple Photo C
Jaune Noir et Blanc Photo Simple Photo C


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