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Women's History Month In The Arts

In case you missed it... to wrap up women's history month, the Hello Art team decided it was a great opportunity to share some incredible female artists that have challenged the world around them.

Frida Kahlo

The Mexican painter frequently created fierce self-portraits that capture her iconic bold unibrow and moustache which have been described as "simultaneously seductive and confrontational". Kahlo's constant remaking of her own identity was an important predecessor to identity politics and continue to inspire artists today. Her work became even more politically active after marrying Diego Riveria - a fellow communist artist.

Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait with monkeys, 1940

"I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best." - Frida Kahlo

Frida is an absolute icon of female creativity - we had to celebrate her work for #womenshistorymonth