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Hot In The Office: Favourite Exhibitions

The Hello Art team uncover their favourite exhibitions.

Sasha: Proliferating Immense Life - A Whole Year per Year by TeamLab

The digital installation is an immersive experience full of wonder and visual arrest. It's such a captivating method of installation that explores a flower's perpetuating cycle of growth - from when they bud, blossom and wither.

See the full exhibition here.

Proliferating Immense Life - A Whole Year per Year: June-August, 2020.

Kaixin: Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusuma's designs are dynamic and instantly recognisable as her art. The polka dot madness fills the room at the Fosun Foundation exhibit, the space is amazing. The vibrant works illustrate her hallucinations, creating some truly extraordinary works.

The Hope of the Polka Dots Buried in Infinity Will Eternally Cover the Universe, Installation view at Fosun Foundation Shanghai, 2019.

Installation view at Fosun Foundation Shanghai, 2019.

Charlotte: Lachlan Goudie - Once upon a time

With inspiration from his daughter, Lachlan Goudie creates a fairy tale series - a form of escapism that explores imagination, the immersion of far off lands and nature.

Click here to see his exhibition catalogue

Once upon a time, The lost world, 2020.

Tiaphaine: Mary Quant

The past exhibition features unseen pieces from Mary Quant's archive, showcasing how the designer launched a fashion revolution on the British high street

"The whole point of fashion is to make fashionable clothes available to everyone." Mary Quant.

1.The Mary Quant beauty bus, photograph, 1971.

2.Three patterned ensembles, Mary Quant, 1964 – 1971, London, England. Museum no. T.498, 499-1993.

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