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Binge-worthy art documentaries and films - Part I

In the age of covid, binge-watching series and documentaries have been on the daily to-do list. So here are Hello art's top-rated art films and documentaries that you can watch online!

Mr Turner -

This film is about British landscape artist William Turner (J.M.W. Turner). We see Turner's depiction of Victorian society and his position in the art world evolve - from an unappreciated artist to a world-class creator.

Watch now on Prime - to rent £3.49 and to buy £7.99

Loving Vincent -

Through a painting depiction, we witness the timeline of Vincent Van Gogh's life. As the viewer, it feels like we are submersed into one of his prestigious paintings that now hangs on gallery walls across the world. It is the worlds 'first fully painted picture film' the cinematic experience is truly moving.

Watch now on Prime - to rent £3.49 and to buy £7.99

Loving Vincent: The impossible Dream -

This is a behind-the-scenes documentary on the world's first fully painted feature film. It was 10 years in the making but well worth all of the time and dedication to making it a reality. The documentary includes interviews with some of the production team and its wonderful to see how such a fantastic film can be made. The film-making process is truly an art form itself.

Free to watch for Prime members!

My Rembrandt -

This documentary looks at Rembrandt's paintings and the demand for his work worldwide - millions marvel and obsess over his work. It highlights the battle between collectors, museums and art dealers over the Dutch painters legacy.

Watch now on Prime - to rent £3.49, to buy £7.99

Mrs Lowry & Son -

Mrs Lowry & Son focuses on the narrative of Lancastershire based artist who revolutionised the art world by illustrating industrial, crowded scenes. The film depicts the stressing subjectivities and realities of being an artist, but also the perseverance and character artists hold.

Free to watch for Netflix members OR Watch now on Prime - to rent £1.99, to buy £5.99

Girl with a pearl earring

This drama has an interesting perspective, not of the artist, but the muse of an artist. The storyline uncovers the narrative of Greit a young maid who became the subject of the now-famous painting, Girl with a pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer.

Watch now on Prime - to rent £3.49, to buy £7.99

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