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Why Art is Important in 2022

Britain’s cost of living crisis ensures many of us are feeling the economic strain. However, at this moment, it is important to relish creative thought, and enjoy the pleasure of art.

Mental health experts often point towards the importance of creating. However, creating doesn’t necessarily mean painting a picture, or making a sculpture. Creation takes many forms; even rearranging your bookshelf to look more appealing is creating an aesthetic effect. Choosing an outfit or making a meal is are inherently creative processes.

The places around us will infiltrate our artistic perception. Edinburgh, as a historic and beautiful living space promotes introspective and intricate art, which you can see in our boutique. However, cross-cultural and diverse art forms capture different places and different modes of thinking and creativity.

HelloArt provides links between the art community in Edinburgh and China; our boutique promotes individual artists, and the importance of art in an increasingly internationalised world. Diversity between art cultures encourages free, peaceful thought and ways of living.

If you are an artist, please get involved by contacting us! Alternatively, if you are based in Edinburgh or Glasgow, join one of our workshops or alternatively let us help you host one of your own. HelloArt is proud to promote and inspire a rich community of artists.

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