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5 Ways to Appreciate Art in Edinburgh and Glasgow

1. Go to an art café

Going to an art café is a great way to grab a snack or drink while supporting local businesses and enjoying an arty vibe! We like Art and Vintage in Edinburgh and Art Lover’s Café and Craft Café in Glasgow.

2. Check out the local art

Art is everywhere in Edinburgh and Glasgow if you look hard enough! Art can take many forms, and both cities are cultural hubs that pay homage to the talents of their local artists. Some amazing art to watch out for is:

- The Leith-themed murals on utility boxes around Leith.

- The hyper-realistic murals by artist Smug, which are all around Glasgow.

3. Get involved with local art events

Check out websites like Eventbrite, Skiddle, and Whatson to stay updated on a variety of artistic events.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter or our socials to stay tuned with all of HelloArt’s exciting workshops in Edinburgh and Glasgow!

4. Scope out art galleries (of course!)

Needless to say, both cities are absolutely crammed with art galleries- far too many to list here! Both cities contain plenty of free galleries as well, although paying for experiences such as Jupiter Artland (an art experience just outside of Edinburgh) is usually worth it.

Why not make a day out of it and plan an art gallery crawl?

5. Make your own art!

And last but not least, you can make your own art! Art is a great way to relax, unwind, and enjoy creating something. There are art shops galore in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, so you can grab some supplies and get crafty!

About us:

We are HelloArt, a British and Chinese art service. As well as promoting British and Chinese original artwork, we also run weekly art workshops. To stay updated, follow our socials!

And remember…everyone is an artist!

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