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Five Reasons why you Should go to Edinburgh Festival Fringe This Year

Once a year -every August- the city of Edinburgh turns into the venue for the world's largest arts and media festival, with performances galore. Performers fly in from all over the world to perform to the spellbound crowds, which you should DEFINITELY be in. The city’s normally bustling landscape is transformed into something intensely exciting, vibrant and international.

Here at HelloArt, we believe that art is for everyone. And Fringe is proof of that, as the city fills up with artists and art lovers alike!

So, without further ado, here are the five main reasons why you should be booking plane tickets to Edinburgh in August right now:

1. Something for everyone

Every year, Fringe hosts nearly 4,000 different shows- or around 60,000 performances. These shows range from stand-up comedy to dance, cabaret, circus, opera, exhibitions, spoken word, and so on.

Therefore, whatever your taste in the arts, you’ll surely find something that tickles your fancy. Just grab a programme and get involved!

2. Try something new

Alternatively, if you’re unsure what type of arts you’d like to get involved with, you can simply explore the city. People hand out flyers on every major street; alternatively, you can grab a programme or see what’s happening at a particular venue. Either way, it’s the ideal opportunity to find your new favourite passion!

3. Support artists from all around the world

Every year, artists fly in from all over the world. Because Edinburgh becomes so hectic in August, these artists are forced to crash on couches or on floors. So it’s nice to be a good sport and support artists- don’t let them perform to an empty crowd!

4. Explore all of Edinburgh at its most dynamic

Edinburgh is a spectacular city, but it’s at its finest during Fringe. Though the weather might not be as warm as in other parts of the UK, Fringe’s dynamism more than makes up for it.

5. A great way to meet new people and make friends

Edinburgh has never been friendlier or with a stronger sense of community than during Fringe season. Reach out and chat with people, and you won’t be disappointed! Ultimately, everyone just wants to have fun and enjoy themselves.

About us

We are HelloArt: a multi-lingual art platform specialising in wholesale art and events across Edinburgh and Glasgow. Get involved in the hype by following us on social media, or catch us at one of our workshops!

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