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Reflections on our Workshops

Hosting art workshops isn’t always logistically a piece of cake. Getting ourselves, our art supplies and our attendees all in one place always takes a massive amount of organisation. Last week, we trekked out of Edinburgh to host the wonderful peoples of Glasgow!

For us, that’s what makes it worth it: seeing the look of concentration and joy on people’s faces when they create their crafts. Every week we’re impressed with what people can create when they simply sit down, relax and express their selves.

Funky earrings are one of our favourites too as people always create such interesting and creative designs. We’ll definitely make sure to host more of them in the future!

At the moment, however, we’re concentrating on our next upcoming workshops: clay magnets, and boob pots. These workshops are pottery-based and always draw in a good crowd. Although the idea of boob pots is unique, there’s something beautiful about the body positivity it promotes.

Creating personalised crafts is always popular as it allows people to reflect on the art of their own bodies. In addition to our boob pot workshops, we're also running a clay portrait workshop with one of our veteran artists, Kelly Zou.

It's going to be a busy Saturday!

Plus, we’re continuing to work on our Halloween workshops. Halloween is a great time for DIY crafts- we’re so excited to unveil our events!

Every day we try to promote and inspire artists in Edinburgh. We want as many people involved in our art community as possible, so please reach out and follow our socials!

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