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Realistic Needle Felting Cat Portrait in Frame


Frame: Height-Width-Depth

Full Body Portrait Standard size 


8.8″ * 6.85″ * 0.7″


Head Only Portrait Standard Size 


6.8" * 5.4" * 0.7"


Your cat will be made using the needle felting technique, and with particular attention to detail. I will work from your photographs to capture your cat’s look and personality, recreating markings, colouring and fur texture where possible.


❤This is the most lifelike version in our portrait series❤

It takes weeks to months to plant the hair meticulously. 


To get started:

1. Please send me a close up photo of your cat's face and also photos from the side and back of the head. They'll be the main reference photos for recreating the facial features and expression of your cat.

2. If there's any specific parts you want me to notice, please leave me a message.


You will be sent some preview photographs of your finished pet once it is ready to ensure you are satisfied and to check if you would like any revisions made.


Please take note that colours may also be slightly changed from your computer.

Photos shown are from past orders. Rest assured that the needle felting portrait of your cat will be equally adorable.


It'll be a perfect gift for animal lovers, especially for those who lost their beloved pets. It's also an art piece, a carrier of joy and all beautiful memories. 


Please feel free to contact me if you wish to have a felting portrait made of your own special cat! I would love to create one for your beloved pet. I hope my work can bring you happiness and a feeling of love. 


You can view more of my work at

Thank you so much for visiting my shop.


Anita from PawBaba x

Realistic Felted Cat Portrait

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