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The Wonderful Work of Intermedia Artist Shyamolie Madhavji

Juxtaposed between black charcoal drawings and vibrant painting, Shyamolie's work explores a personal and sentimental narrative that reflects her religious background and ethnicity. Exploring a variety of mediums to portray her work she creates "a fusion of painting and installations", in a captivating and playful manner. Her paintings take a "contemporary twist" - delving into intricate patterns with the use of colour.

Shyamolie proudly expresses her ancestral roots through her artistic practice; encapsulating handicrafts and textiles from Western India with the theme of Rogan and Ajrakh. Art strengthens her religious values and beliefs; allowing her to reconnect with traditional customs through a nostalgic lens from living in Mumbai, recreating the charming sounds and sights of the city.

Textiles have always been a heartfelt medium to work with, Shyamolie hopes to celebrate the craftsmanship of Kutch and the relationship with her great grandmother who would often paint on saris and other garments.