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The MacKinnon Collection - National gallery of Scotland

Interested in the history of photography? Then you definitely need to have a look at the National gallery's MacKinnon Collection. The photographic archive was exhibited in 2019. After great success, they decided to digitalise the collection. The photographs span from the 1840s-1940s depicting Scottish life and identity. The collection illustrates the innovative period of drastic transformation.

There is something for everyone; the themes cover fantastic portraits, the development of Scotland through photographs of transport and engineering and photographs that focus on Industry and innovation.

Both urban and rural life is an interesting feature to look at from an anthropological perspective.

If you are more interested in sports and leisure the collection includes great imagery for that as well.

The pictorialism and art theme is probably one of my personal favourites from the collection. And finally, what would a Scottish collection be without featuring the wonderful landscape and architecture?

The whole collection put together by Murray MacKinnon is extensive and a marvel to look at. The digitalised archive makes photography extremely accessible for anyone of any interest to look at.

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