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2020 Covid19 in Scotland Pandemic Observation- Photography

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

This collection simply reveals what I witnessed through my camera during the Covid-19 pandemic. Images were taken from the 6th of March to the 2nd of June.  I don’t view them as art, I just wanted to share a documentary from a normal individual's perspective under this exceptional circumstance.

I divided these images into 5 different sections: pandemic, pre-lockdown, lockdown, ease off and post lockdown.


Pandemic 疫情

This set of images were captured before the pandemic got fully developed in the UK. I was roaming the streets in the Old Town of Edinburgh, doing street photography. Somehow all the images I captured happened to emit a rather dim tone. It might be a coincidence but could also be a projection of what is to come.


Pre-lockdown 封锁期前

I captured this set of images on the 14th of March, just a few days before the lockdown begins. My close friend Michelle (the girl appearing in the first two images) from Germany, who studies in Ireland, came to visit me. We took the day off taking photos, going about the city and seaside. We later agreed that it was the last time we felt the positive energy from people for a long while.


Lockdown 封锁期

During the lockdown, I tried my best to follow the strict protocols. All these pictures were taken between 29th of March to 15th of May. The majority of them were taken when I was on my way to the groceries stores.

Seeing everything being so quiet and so down, I just couldn’t stop asking myself again and again: how did we end up like this?


Ease off 减缓

Around the end of May, the lockdown policy has been eased off slightly. People were offered a bit more freedom to exercise outside. I took the opportunity to ‘exercise’ around the city with my camera, to observe how people cope with the sunny weather during the period.


Post Lockdown封锁期后

The last set of images were photographed around the 2nd of June, when Scotland had begun to step into Phase 1 of lockdown. There are some remaining policies regarding social distancing in the country, but I felt the difference in people’s spirit whilst walking about.  Seeing people maintaining a rather positive attitude towards life made me feel the optimism of humanity in each and every one of them.



Lastly, I would like to send my regards to all frontline and NHS staff. Thank you so much!

Fin! Thank you so much for reading.


Photography By Wayne Zhang

Wayne Zhang, a photographer who was born in China, grew up in Scotland. He graduated from an Architecture degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2017.  His strong passion for photography since he was young has pushed him to pursuit a career in photography world. Combined with his previous degree and great interest in art, he is currently working in many commercial photography field including fashion editorial, portraiture and wedding. Natural light and colour is huge inspiration for him. Outside the commercial work, he also shoots architecture, landscape and street photography as ways to keep improving his visual communication skill. 

Editor's words:

Scotland is finally unblocked, and the first half of 2020 has finished. During these six months, we spent most of our time in lockdown. Everyone has experienced inner ups and downs, tossing and tossing. I believe this experience also gave us more courage to face the difficulties in the future.

Thanks to Wayne's contribution, let us see the "mood changes" in this city during this special period at the end of lockdown. Let us bid farewell to the first half of 2020! 💌





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