2020 UK Graduate Online Exhibition — Sculpture

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


During Lockdown, HelloArt launched the online public art exhibitions to support student groups and new generation artists whose graduation exhibitions were cancelled due to the impact of the pandemic. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a lot of submissions~

After screening and sorting, we will exhibit works of photography, painting, sculpture and contemporary art. Click here for the other theme: "Contemporary", "Painting" and "Photography".

Let's have a look at the Sculpture submissions in this article.

01 Celestia Anstruther

BA Fine Art - Goldsmith


Celestia is a London based artist that graduated from Goldsmiths BA Fine Art this year, working in sculpture and digital media. Expanding sculpture digitally and thinking through making, She uses sculpture and imaging as a way to re-inhabit a place and state of mind, disorientating atmosphere with physical absence and remains.

Working across media allows the work to address the feeling of being embodied and disembodied at the same time. Celestia tries to reframe psychological situations of inarticulacy and illegibility through resourcefulness, constructing forms with defiant pre-carity out of perishable, found materials local to a site.  

02 Esame Dougherty-Price

No Place Like Home


Clay, glaze, found object, fabric, thread, flex cable, lightbulb, dowel, softwood, dado rail, emulsion

3.6 x 2.4 x 2.4m


Esame’s practice is predominately crafts-based using ceramic and textile processes to explore gender. Her recent installation is inspired by the #tradwives movement. Tradwives are women who assume traditional gender roles within marriage and wholeheartedly embrace the domestic sphere. Her ideas developed as she reflected on the intense criticism directed towards this nascent social movement by feminists who perceive traditionally inclined women as threatening because they defy feminist orthodoxy - she does not agree that any woman should have her thoughts and ideas invalidated.

Weeks of being at home due to Covid-19 accentuated Esame’s appreciation of the domestic space as the underlying driver of this creative endeavour. Her artworks explore alternative ideas of the body, habitation of the home, the uncanny and modern fairy-tale references with influence from feminist artistic strategies.

03 Hannah Lim

IG: @__hannahlim__

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Hannah studies Sculpture and her work evolves in response to her cultural identity and experience. As a person of mixed Singaporean and British heritage, both her research and practice has come to engage with the colonial connotations of the relationship between the East and the West. These connotations are most evident in themes such as Orientalism and its relationship to the Chinoiserie in which elements of Chinese design were recreated in relation to European aesthetics and tastes. Hannah's practice touches upon this collision of cultures, both on a personal and political level.

Recently she has been creating peculiar, somewhat furniture-like structures. These pieces combine motifs and imagery from both Chinese and European furniture design. In doing so she attempted to re-imagine and reclaim ideas and designs associated with the Chinoiserie, which have in the past had problematic colonial undertones.

'Cultural designs are shared as opposed to appropriated, it is no longer about one culture being moulded to the demands of another.'

04 Lucy Clayton

BA(Hons) Fine Art - Leeds Arts University


<The Artificial & The Natural, Concrete, Rebar & Artificial Grass, 2020 >

Lucy has recently graduated from Leeds Arts University with a BA Hons in Fine Art. Through a process driven practice, she explored the instabilities that surround the term “nature.” She is interested in the way human intervention has created the cold state of concrete, a lifeless material that is slowly destory8ing the earth. She considers concrete as a metaphor for the non-biodegradable objects that remain on our planet long after their function.

<3D Printed Trees, White Acrylic, 2020>

<Ceramic Trees Installation, B17 Clay & Wooden Structures >

By combining ceramics and 3D printing, Lucy explores the dislocation between what is natural and artificial. Trees are fundamental for life on earth to exist, yet they are decreasing rapidly due to land clearing and deforestation. The ceramic trees display the fragile, precarity of nature and its blurred interconnection with the altered, human world.

Through these materials there is a connection to the past, present, and the impending future.

05 Lucy Mulholland

Flags of Distress

Sculpture- Edinburgh College of Art


‘Flags of Distress’, composed of two sheets of cotton eco

Lucy is from Northern Ireland and has just completed her second year studying Sculpture at the Edinburgh College of Art. She is interested in human interactions between each other and with their environment, as well as the idea of symbiosis between humans and nature as an intangible ideal. ⠀

She has enjoyed exploring concepts of exchange and misunderstanding whilst thinking about dialects/idiolects in relation to homogeneity. Lucy is curious about the role of story telling in how it can control our history as we often retell it in such a way to comfort or console us in our present. Much of her practice involves hand crafting objects, often from materials foraged from the natural environment. Physically engaging with materials In a labour intensive way is important to me when considering how the Sculpture will relate to the human body and how it relates to the time in which we live.⠀

06 Skye Williams

Curiosity & Conversation / Domesticlsolation


< Curiosity & Conversation >