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Chinese Artist YangYang | Youth Reflection in Contemporary Art

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

YangYang's work brings her daily thoughts to life, created on the basis of ink and calligraphy. Starting with self observation; re-observation and being conscious of her struggles, emotions and the world around her, YangYang embed her work with soulful expression of personal contemplation.

She constantly reflects on the characteristics of "groupness" and "epochalism" through her creation. The themes of her work centres around both traditional and contemporary; from individualism, feminism to social systems and cultural disciplines.

Over the course of her youth and the search of creative ontology, her practice has also undergone a gradual transformation from graphic to installation.

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wood plank, ink on paper

An attempt to explore the subtle relationship between art, activity and time. The traditional Chinese concept of "writing is the man" describes the output method of the artist, the effect of nature on the paper marked the imprint of time.

Coming-of-age ceremony


glass, ink, cinnabar

The vandalized glass surface depicts the artist's oath on the day of her 18 years old coming-of-age ceremony. Taken from the traditional concept of "name stamp" in Chinese art, all the "I"s in the text are painted over by cinnabar.

"Whilst growing up, I was forced to say things that didn't fit my age; to learn to become someone I couldn't and was unwilling to become. The real "me" seems to slowly disappear. Through the reflection between the past and the present, I gradually developed a firm yet gentle strength. This piece is not just a proof of who i am, but also an evidence to my existence."

Loop Theater - Siege


cardboard, paper glue, ink, cinnabar

In this installation, the artist replicated the illusion of "herself" in each moment, gathering pieces and turning the fragments into seemingly complete faces. She reviews and notes every notion of the moment with cinnabar writings. However, all of this still trapped herself in a "siege".

"Here, I am peaceful and confident; in a moment, I am free and wild; after an instant, I am depressed and anxious. I jump, heading back and forth, shuttling between time and space, expressing and recording moments and fragments of my feelings. Yet under reality, each moments of "me" doesn't depict the real me, only when they are completely lined to a linear time axis, may I finally complete "myself". But I who have lost experience and time cannot be called "me". I, entangled in time, will never become the real me. "




People are being shaped by data. Self-cognition is engulfed by the flood of information.

"As a member of the torrent, I can only watch carefully and give vent to my thoughts in the corner. I am not a rebel of our time, I am the product of it."

《Never Ending》


ink on paper

The most common anxiety among young people in the world today. During the epidemic, this anxiety of "never-ending" was pressed for an indefinite extension. There is no hope and end to it.



ink on silk, newspaper

Although traditional newspaper media is declining, it often portrays an opposite view to reality.

The artist tried to use visual collage and repetition to restore the relationship between herself, the time and insomnia. The writing on each piece narrated the cycle of life, implying on the impact of it's repetitive nature experienced by individuals. Subjectively, she concludes her insomnia to postmodern anxiety.



Born in July 1993 Nanjing, China YangYang first graduated from the Department of Calligraphy and Seal Cutting from Nanjing Normal University in 2016. She is currently studying at the Department of Fine Arts in Tunghai University, Taiwan, on contemporary calligraphy and critique.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about YangYang's current work, feel free to visit the artist's page and contact us regarding any purchases or queries.



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