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A Guide to the Best Vintage Shops in Edinburgh

Vintage styles have become more and more popular around the world in recent years 💃🏻

Trends around the world come and go, but vintage shops preserve their styles and make them more accessible to new generations of people.

Good vintage shops, however, can be hard to come by- some shops promise vintage, but only offer tatty old clothes that have NEVER been popular!

Now, let's see what's worth visiting in Edinburgh 👀

01 Carnivàle Vintage

📍 51 Bread St, Edinburgh

Opening hours: 11am - 6pm

Closed Tueday/Sunday

The shop carries over 100 years of men's and women's vintage clothing, accessories and jewelry from the Victorian era to the 1990s. Clothing is sorted by age for easy selection. The condition of the clothes is high-quality - a particular highlight is that there are a lot of retro skirts in stock👗👗

02 Godiva

📍 9 West Port, Edinburgh

Monday to Saturday 10:30am - 6:30pm

Sunday 11:30am - 5:30pm

Godiva is divided into two parts: the front room is furnished by local designers and local independent brands, and the back room has a small collection of vintage items. The vintage items are basically from the United Kingdom. There are a variety of jackets, plaid shirts and work clothes varying between modern and retro. Definitely worth a look.

03 Herman Brown

📍 151 West Port, Edinburgh

Wednesday to Saturday 12pm - 6pm

Herman Brown regularly stocks up on vintage men's and women's clothing from overseas as well as markets in London and Glasgow. Featuring a curated selection of apparel and shoes from the 30s-80s, the shop is a great place to find vintage sunglasses, accessories and shoes.

04 Miss Bizio Couture

📍 41 St Stephen St, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Monday-Friday 11am - 5:30pm | Saturday 11am - 5pm

Closed Wednesday and Sunday

This is the owner's personal antique museum. The collection is larger than the previous ones; there are more accessories, bags and shoes, so you can browse for a while. There are some brands, but the price is relatively high. There is also a small selection of menswear.

05 Those Were the Days

📍 26 St Stephen St, Edinburgh

Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 5:30pm

The store displays a selection of men's and women's clothing, jewelry accessories and vintage wedding dresses from the 1920s-1990s. From basic brands to high-end fashion, it makes an ideal shop to visit if you have an event 🥳

06 W.Armstrong & Son


81-83 Grassmarket

Clerk Street 64-66 Clerk St

Cockburn Street 29 Cockburn Street

Monday to Thursday 10am - 5.30pm Friday to Saturday 10am - 6pm | Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Armstrong is arguably Edinburgh's most famous vintage store, with three shops around the city. Both men's and women's clothing is available in a wide variety of styles and styles. Accessories are a little available less than clothing. There are plenty of vintage treats to find if you look carefully.

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