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2020 UK Graduate Online Exhibition — Painting

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

During Lockdown, HelloArtUk launched the online public art exhibitions to support student groups and new generation artists whose graduation exhibitions were cancelled due to the impact of the pandemic. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a lot of submissions~

After screening and sorting, we will exhibit works of photography, painting, sculpture and contemporary art. Click here for the other theme: "Contemporary", "Sculpture" and "Photography".

Let's have a look at the Painting in this article.



01 Tamsin Marshall

In Transit


The title expresses the mood of the painting as well as the expressions on the faces of the couple, illustrating the dull mechanic routine of people going from place to place especially those taking the London Underground. Tamsin wanted to capture this idea of an almost transitory state of people coming and going. Her work ranges from absract art, illustration, to realistic portraiture.

02 Cuthbert Willis 


Colour is an essential part of our visual realities. Yet the mysterious power and sensation that colour can evoke is not often conscious.

Cuthbert's work looks at the delicate interactions of colour and how they affect our relationship with the world. He explores these colour relationships through painting and light art. The work seeks to make conscious the intricate nature and power of colour.

03 Rowena Hutchinson

Toilet rolls with ancient Chinese designs 


Toilet rolls with ancient Chinese designs in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are works by Rowena Hutchinson @rowenahutchinsonart in response to the absurdities of the history we are experiencing now. She looked at how we globally altered what we valued and deemed luxury when things become harder to get a hold of, to play on the ludicrous nature of how we stockpiled toilet paper. Rowena also wanted to suggest how globally everyone was impacted by the closing of Chinese factories that led to empty shelves. This was similar to the original trade of Chinese porcelain where demand was higher than supply in Europe, leading to the Dutch creation of their own blue and white porcelain in Delft. .

Her work primarily involves a research based approach that varies between sculptural to painting. She has been looking at the impact of trade through history and how it has distorted our perception of art.

04 William Hughes



How do we read memories? William’s practice seeks to explore processes of memory and remembering, reflecting and drawing ideas from nostalgic material from his family. Working with multimedia processes he create works of abstraction and suggestion set in spaces that trigger feelings of familiarity in the audience. He worked in collaboration with his grandfather, using his equipment, his memories, to create pieces. As the memory gradually worsened, the work mirrored him; gradually becoming more deteriorated.

William tries to use materials throughout the process to construct the work; from reclaiming old furniture, old photographs and equipments to using found and weathered material as the base to the pieces. These discarded, often forgotten about materials reinforce themes present throughout his work.


Towards the end of his grandfather’s life, William created pieces mirroring grandfather’s state of mind and physicality. A series of canvas studies based on themes of memory and remembering but specifically the idea of deterioration, fading, withering and residual. These are the depiction of the processes around memory and forgetting.


“Memory is a delay. Memory is a fragment. Memory is of the body that passed. Memory is the trace of a wave goodbye made with a slightly clenched fist. ” (Robert Morris, 1994)

05 Aaron Peever


Left/《A Crimson Hand》

Right/《Fallen Pawns》

Aaron Peever is a Welsh contemporary painter who is interested in themes of the human condition and society. His paintings explore perspectives of British masculinity and social class. His use of male figures, drapery and alcohol motifs become a reflection of a softer or broken-down perspective of masculinity. His imagery doesn’t seem to have a stereotypical portrayal but comes across both as slightly depressive and humorous in approach.

《The Dethroned Fool》|《The Banquet》|《A Nobleman》

With a focus upon the figure in domestic settings & working from the spectator’s point of view, the painting acts like a window into people's lives. Peever's paintings are characterised by vibrant colour palettes & the use of painting techniques such as glazing & the removal of paint, to expose under-layers and subtle textures. The use of titles to create a narrative is important for Peever, he uses titles to comment on social class & explore the notion of grand events in lower class male lives. Peever paints an atmosphere of hopelessness and redemption which contributes to his concept of masculinity in today’s era.

06 Francesca Edwards


‘The Interaction Between Physical Colour and Digital Colour’.

Triptych, Acrylic paint on canvas.

(233.69 x 190.5cm) x3


Stimulated by the concept of colour interaction, Francesca’s installations explore the dialogue that is created between the painted surface and the colour illuminations when colour changing sequences are projected on top of the canvases. By combining abstract painting with colour changing projection it allows the artist to see the direct affect that digital light has on painted colour, and how changing hues of this light can create immersive colour transformations. These gestural paintings are photographed, digitalised and then projected back onto the original canvas. This second layer depicts a changing colour sequence that illuminated the painted colours, creating a sense of movement across the space.

She aims for the viewer to enter the installations and feel completely submerged in colour. The employment of 3 projection paintings working simultaneously together ensures that the space is filled with a range of hues directly complimenting and contrasting against each other.

07 Taz

Quarantine Blues


Quarantine Blues, acrylic painting.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


The painting was made more as a coping mechanism for how Taz was feeling in lockdown. Having to move back home to a really small town from Edinburgh was a big change. She often found herself sat staring out of the window in her childhood bedroom. Taz wanted to convey the feelings of nostalgia, longing and a sense of hopefulness in this painting. Most of her work is focused around emotions and narratives and are usually based on the feelings and headspace at the time of painting.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



Facebook: HelloArtuk


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