Anita Gao

Hi all animal lovers,

I'm Anita, the founder of PawBaba. PawBaba began its journey in May 2020, when the UK went into full lock-down. The reduce in workload in my daytime job has led me to picking up my felting hobby again. A month later, I decided to team up with my handicraft friend Reny, and tried to turn our hobby into a local business. And that is the birth of 'PawBaba'.

In the beginning, I posted some of my previous work on Facebook Marketplace. These are work that I have created for my own entertainment or as gifts for my friends. Much to my delight and surprise, several people wrote back to me and wanted me to create a portrait for their pet. I still remember the moment when I received the very first order - I was simply over the moon!

Lisa, my first client, wanted a portrait for her beloved Bailey who had just passed away. After two weeks of hard work, I shipped the portrait out and waited anxiously for it to reach my client. 


It turns out that Lisa's loved it! She said the portrait has brought her solace; to this day, we are still in touch.

This experience has given me a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction, knowing that my artwork has the power to bring some positive impact to another person's life. As such, I have decided to develop PawBaba as a needle felting brand.

During this journey, I've met lots of truly loving people and heard many heart-warming stories between owners and their fur babies. I learned a great deal about business operation and there's still a lot to learn.

The growth in demand means that I was able to invite three more crafters to join the team in December 2021, in an attempt to support the local community and preserve traditional needle-felting crafts, especially during the hard time of the pandemic. We hope that we can continue to serve more of you guys as we continue to polish our craft and make PawBaba a genuine and trustworthy felting creator in the community. We are united by the vision of spreading love and dedication one needle felting animal at a time. 

I hope that we will be able to serve you in the near future!