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Her Lib

This era always has a lot of requirements and expectations for women. Under the influence of the ‘perfect body' on social media, more and more women are becoming less confident in their figure. We hope to tell the female compatriots through this series of works that our figure is uniquely beautiful and perfect.



Body positivity advocates that no matter who you are - a man or a woman, your body shape, skin colour or age - everyone can take a positive look at their body; accepting themselves, discovering their unique beauty, and reducing body anxiety. Ideal beauty should be rich in diversity and inclusiveness, not what society and popular trending media pursue.

In many cases, the shortcoming we think is different from others, which is also our unique place. With this idea, we created body vases of different shapes and sizes by hand, and proudly pinched out our bodies and placed them at home. They all looked so beautiful and charming. The pot seems telling myself: You are beautiful!! My body positivity is definitely not from the gaze of others.

No matter what skin colour or shape, we all can cultivate beautiful scenery~🌵

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