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David Walliker

Creation context:

David Walliker was born in England. He graduated from the Liverpool Art School in 1981 and then he went to the United States to develop his art career. His works have frequently been exhibited in the United States, Sweden, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. David has been exploring art all of his life, which is too long to summarise in a few sentences.

We chose four series of works to collaborate with David: Mr. Blue, Passage, dog days and cocaine submarines.

Mr. Blue is a series based on the artist himself. When we asked him 'What made you choose blue?' He said, "This IS the question."

Walliker's exhibition Passage explores the transition of consciousness, with reference to Kubrick's 2001 film. When you walk through the passage constructed by the artist, you experience the change of consciousness through his artwork and surrounding light.

David has worked with a variety of media throughout his artistic career, all of which has been a relevant process for their creation.

​"I never decided to become an artist, I just do it."

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