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Yang Yang

Born in July 1993 Nanjing, China she first graduated from the Department of Calligraphy and Seal Cutting from Nanjing Normal University in 2016. She is currently studying at the Department of Fine Arts in Tunghai University, Taiwan, on contemporary calligraphy and critique.

The artist creates contemporary ink and calligraphy pieces with emotions, amongst the pain and discomfort of personal growth. Personal observations acts as the starting point to express the captured contemporary youth. She actively think of art and the creative process. By being conscious of the creative form, her work ranges from graphic to installation.


Related topics:

Ink wash, calligraphy, tradition, contemporary;

Individualism, feminism, resistance; Social system, cultural discipline, collage and repetition.



2020 "Accident • Upward" 2020 CSSA-Goldsmiths International Youth Art and Design Exhibition, Online & Asia Tour Exhibition

MAF2020 Nanjing No Art Festival, Nanjing National Leading Talent Pioneer Park JIN Space (Nanjing)

The 5th "Imagination of Wanying-Youth Art Discovery", Wanying Art Space (Shijiazhuang)

"Contemporary Expression•Contemporary Art Exhibition" (Season 6), Thorn Bird Expressionist Painting Association (online)

Public welfare art exhibition, Hello Art (online);

"Flows Across the Bridge" group exhibition, ART Slingshot (online)


"Danwu Ankang" Daguan Art First Art Exhibition, Daguan Art Museum (Guangzhou)


"Synergy Gathering Energy" 2020 Online Art Exhibition, The MPI media (online)


"Unbounded•Free" 2020 Affects Future Art Carnival Youth Art Project, Ruyi Culture Meixi Academy (Changsha)


"Fantasy Kingdom"-Nomination Exhibition of Emerging Artists, Maison Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing (Beijing)


"Wasteland-we threw the party to ruins", Wuli Creative Factory (Chengdu)


2019 "Sishi" Double Solo Exhibition, Donghai 43 Creative Practice Center (Taichung)


2018 "Calligraphy • Uniqueness-Contemporary Writing New Ideas", Donghai No. 43 Creative Practice Center (Taichung)


2016 Nanjing Calligraphy and Painting Excellent Teacher Exhibition, Jiangsu Women and Children Activity Center (Nanjing)


Joint Graduation Exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University and the Academy of Fine Arts of Southeast University, Tongxi Art Museum (Nanjing)


Resident/Resident Program: 2020 Yanping Rural Art Season New Work Award (Yanping, Fujian)


"14 Days Lonely Island-Lian" Art-in-Island Project (Chongming, Shanghai)


Qingshui Military Village Cultural Park (Taichung, Taiwan)

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