Camila Ospina Gaitán

Ospina Gaitan Camila


Ospina is a Colombian artist. Her work attempts to reveal identities through the aesthetics of ordinary things. Her most recent project is based on her own identity as a Columbian women. FARRRA is a Colombian slang word for party, the project has started as a question of Ospina’s own identity when she moved to the UK. It began when she started to identify the sexualization of the Latin American woman based on their body language and dance. She felt a drastic change in people’s behaviour due to her physical appearance and the construction of beliefs and behaviours based around the stereotypes around different cultures. As a result, she started to recreate her own real Colombian party through the aesthetics of the ordinary, with symbolic sculptures, specific music and the design of an environment based her own Bogotá low-income party. In her work, Ospina’s identity is constructed through her own experience and not the European male gaze.


It is a decolonisation and liberation process where the body is thought of as an expression, a form of communication and a site of politics, history, and resistance.